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The coffee market is highly competitive, especially in the mainstream segment. However, opportunities in the specialty market are growing, asRead More »
Posted byEdwinJuly 16, 20220
european green coffee market
Eastern European countries show significant potential as markets for coffee exporters. Consumption in Eastern Europe is still well below WesternRead More »
Posted byEdwinJuly 12, 20220
European coffee market, uganda coffee authority, coffee trends uganda
Europe offers many opportunities to coffee exporters. The countries that offer the most opportunities show a mix of positive characteristics,Read More »
Posted byEdwinJuly 10, 20220
European Coffee Market, Uganda Coffee Marketplace
Europe is a large coffee market, accounting for about one-third of global consumption. Although consumption is expected to stabilize inRead More »
Posted byEdwinJuly 10, 20220
Europe has a large market for coffee and offers interesting opportunities to coffee suppliers worldwide. To know which market isRead More »
Posted byEdwinJuly 9, 20220
coffee export worldwide, uganda coffee, uganda coffee authority
Throughout the 2018/19 period, over 170 million coffee bags, which consist of 60 kilograms’ worth of coffee each, were producedRead More »
Posted byEdwinMay 10, 20220
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