Our Story

Abit about our story

Having been born in a third world country and growing up watching our parents (our mothers) working so hard to feed and rise us on coffee farming was great lesson in our lives but at the same time we found ourselves asking this question: 

Why is it difficult for our parents to educate us and take care of us even after selling a lot of coffee every season ?  

At that point I realized it was because they are paid very little for their coffee middlemen.

Middlemen cheated farmers and they still cheat our farmers to this date, so I decided to solve this problem by starting DUC and later I was joined by my friend, we are working so hard so hard to bridge the gap between farmers and final consumers hence paying farmers what’s worth their coffee.

Therefore, we are a youth driven coffee marketing and selling company in Uganda seeking an opportunity to improve people’s lives especially woman farmers and to contribute in the growth of our country’s economy through selling tons of Uganda Coffee to the world.